EFT Course – October in Cape Town

Looking for online EFT training in Cape Town? "Yes! The Key To Health, Success And Happiness" WhatsApp your email address plus "EFT" to 0843351636, and we will personally send you your details within hours Are you looking for your EFT workshop in South Africa? Or maybe you are searching for answers to physical or emotional challenges. Do you feel any of this small sample of symptoms applies to you or yours? Stress, Allergy, Anxiety, Smoking, Fear, Pain, Yo-Yo Dieting, Depression, Anger, IBS, Sadness, Knee Injury, Trauma, Frozen Shoulder, Aspergers, Nightmares, Weight, Spider Phobia, ADHD, Jealousy, Bulimia, ME, Fear of Flying, CFS, Fear of Swallowing, Grief, Child bedwetting, Baby teething, Addiction, Broken Heart, Headache, MS, Backache. If any of these ring a bell, you may be pleasantly surprised what EFT can…
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