EFT Course – October in Cape Town

Looking for online EFT training in Cape Town?

“Yes! The Key To Health, Success And Happiness”

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Are you looking for your EFT workshop in South Africa? Or maybe you are searching for answers to physical or emotional challenges. Do you feel any of this small sample of symptoms applies to you or yours? Stress, Allergy, Anxiety, Smoking, Fear, Pain, Yo-Yo Dieting, Depression, Anger, IBS, Sadness, Knee Injury, Trauma, Frozen Shoulder, Aspergers, Nightmares, Weight, Spider Phobia, ADHD, Jealousy, Bulimia, ME, Fear of Flying, CFS, Fear of Swallowing, Grief, Child bedwetting, Baby teething, Addiction, Broken Heart, Headache, MS, Backache. If any of these ring a bell, you may be pleasantly surprised what EFT can do for you or yours.

How We Can Help You

We are a very small company committed to spreading the EFT word so that everyone can have this amazing tool to help themselves. And we are often deeply touched by what our EFT clients say:

“… outstanding job of carrying the message of emotional freedom”

– John

“Miraculous recovery”


What EFT can do for you

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Developed by Gary Craig, an engineer by training and personal performance coach, EFT is practical and results-oriented. It uses the ancient Chinese meridian system and some very clever psychology to bring about rapid and long-lasting change. In a nutshell, EFT removes the negative emotions behind the vast majority of emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges. Try it for everything – you can be pleasantly surprised! . Safe enough to use for babies and in pregnancy, EFT often works where nothing else will.

What do you get on your course?

Your Special Online Safe EFT training workshop includes practical experience with several applications, your own comprehensive reference manual, and your attendance document.


Upon completion of your workshop, you are eligible to join the Energy Healers Association. This supports your personal growth in a caring and responsible way. Should you wish to be a EFT practitioner, the Energy Healers Association are here to help promote your services. Your aftercare also includes
6 months’ FREE email support

Is it OK for you to learn EFT?

EFT is suitable for anyone to learn on our classes unless you have schizophrenia, psychosis, manic depression, borderline personality disorder, or similar serious psychiatric condition. This is for your own mental health and wellbeing in a workshop environment.

How long is your EFT course?

Our Online class sizes are very small. Your Level 1 and Level 2 (previously Learner and Healer) workshops, and your Level 3 workshops are a maximum of five attendee, you get personal attention and get your questions answered quickly.

We also recognize that most of our pupils have weekday jobs or are a parent or carer.

With both of these factors in mind, you only attend for one special intensive day for EFT Level 1, two intensive days for your Level 2, and 3 intensive days for your Level 3.

Our skills and experience

Our trainers’ experience includes teaching self-development online and in person for over 12 years, with extensive EFT client experience for over 18 years.

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Where your EFT training is held, and what time to start

Your EFT workshops are held online, in the comfort and safety of your own home, from 10:30 till 17:30. For dates and fees, please scroll down.

When do you get your attendance certificate?

You are presented with your attendance certificate at the end of the last workshop day of your workshop. For example, with EFT Level 1, this is at the end of the day. You also take away your manual and get 6 months’ email support..

When can you practice EFT professionally?

As things currently stand, most attendees practice EFT upon successful completion of their EFT Level 2 workshop, including case studies and written examinette. We guide you how to practice safely and responsibly. Ideally, we would like you to do our two-year (min) suggested training and would encourage you to do so.

Rightly or wrongly, like many therapies and beauty treatments, EFT is not subject to government regulation as yet. We are fighting for government recognition in a way that can work, so that you can claim payment from medical care schemes if you want to work with EFT. The rules are complex, and you can always contact us for clarification, but basically as things stand, there is no legal reason why you cannot set up in business offering EFT after your Level 2 workshop; but the more training you do, the better you become. Email me with any queries.

What can you expect to pay for your EFT course?

A degree  costs not just the financial commitment but also the time commitment. EFT achieves much more at a fraction of the price and in your own time. And we genuinely want to reach as many people as possible to spread the healing. So our training is set at a price that most can easily afford. You just pay a small deposit to secure your place and settle the modest remainder when you attend your class workshop for the first two workshops, and further workshops are at a very low price, so you can pay for them nearer the time with ease.

Your Level 1 Workshop in EFT – One Special Day – FREE 6 months email support

Holding deposit of ONLY R395 (settle the remainder of R850 in cash or by card when you attend your workshop) Email for bank transfer details.

only two places left

Your Level 2 Workshop in EFT – Two Days to Cherish and Remember – FREE 6 months email support

Date: Upon Request

Holding Deposit – ONLY R395 (settle the remainder of R1800 in cash or by card when you attend your workshop). Email

How to Book Your Workshop

  1. To reserve your place by Bank Transfer Email me, or call me, Suzanne Zacharia, to arrange payment.
  2. When you arrive for your workshop, you simply pay any remaining amount, if applicable, by cash.
  3. For attendees from outside South Africa, please note!
  4. If you are outside of South Africa, I need you to make the payment in full and not just the deposit. This is to satisfy any visa conditions and convince me and the authorities that you genuinely intend to attend the training.
  5. After you make your payment:
  6. We then email you details of venue address, what to wear, what to prepare, etc, after acceptance and after the funds have cleared (usually within hours). At the end of your workshop, you are presented with your attendance document.  The is no waiting and no hassle.
  • We want you to be part of the energy healing community and recognized for it. So,and for a limited period, we are offering FREE Membership to the Energy Healers Association for all EFT Healers who have received their teaching with us. We’re not sure how much longer we can offer you this great deal, but we can promise you that we can hold this offer for the next 24 hours.

I personally look forward to meeting you

Suzanne Zacharia

EFT Practitioner Teacher and Author

And if you cannot find the classes you want or have any queries, contact us or call me personally on 072 700 5334