You CAN be free from the fear of flying !

You can release this fear. You may have tried hypnosis, hypnotherapy, counseling, psychotherapy, NLP, etc etc etc, and still find difficulty.. That is not unusual in my experience. We cannot pronmise that you will be free from phobia as soon as you touch the book. You have to read it and work through it, until you release the phobia, and you have to be free from serious mental illness in order to respond. I have helped many people release their phobia, will you be one of them?

Tell me, do you ever …

  1. Have to travel miles and kilometres out of your way by car or train rather than fly?
  2. Put your loved ones through having to have local holidays rather than travel to where they dearly want to holiday?
  3. Missed out on a job or promotion opportunity because it involved flying?
  4. Flown anyway but had to drink so much, you arrived completely out of your head?
  5. Pop so many pills you are out blotto for the whole journey?
  6. Missed out on social functions and meeting distant friends and relatives because of this phobia?

There is hope for a better future, and you have come to the right place. “Complete Freedom From Phobia is great! It’s easy to read and understand. The way it is formatted is also excellent. I am adding this to my professional library. I will be looking forward to more great information” – Dr. John Benitez

Please don’t worry. There is a solution that may be pleasantly surprising for you!

Complete Freedom From Phobia

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Ideally, I recommend one-to-one sessions – Email me in complete confidence for a one-to-one session. And please don’t wait till the night before you travel. Do it now, so you can be totally calm on the day. Peacefulness is easy once you are free from the phobia. And don’t worry about the phone bill either. I provide a cheap telephone or Skype/Google Hangout solution that costs less than an in-person session in most countries.

Warm regards,

Suzanne Zacharia

Expert Practitioner and Author


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