Back Massage Cape Town

Back Massage strokes are applied using a soft, medium, hard, or very hard pressure, depending upon your preference and needs. Friction applied kind of irons out the knots and tension points, and long strokes help make you feel really special. We use a combination of Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage strokes to give you the massage you want. Our clients are amazed by our UK skills in this area.


Back Massage Cape Town CBD 10 am – 7 pm 7 days by appointment only……

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The long, slow strokes are usually performed with my hands, forearms, thumbs, Side of the hands, fingers, knuckles, or elbows. Your investment is a mere R650 for a whole hour oil-on-skin deep, as hard or as soft as you specify gorgeous massage. Or if you like this but budget is too tight, treat yourself to a half hour of your clothed back, neck, and shoulder massage that is our most popular massage, for only R400.

Communication with me is vital in order to avoid excessive pain during a back massage. A good massage practitioner will adjust the level of pressure during a back massage to accommodate your preferences. You can enjoy the sensation of back massage. Get your back massaged very soon…

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