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EFT in Cape Town – Typically, Clients Experience At Least One Partial Result In The Very First Session

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EFT Master Practitioner Cape Town South Africa, Fully Accredited and Approved

Are you searching for a way forward with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)? You can let go of those blocks in your path and have abundant peaceful success in your life, love, and work. Maybe you have tried EFT on your own, with a practitioner, or perhaps you are a new-comer to EFT. Perhaps you are still searching for that elusive peacefulness. Or maybe you got some freedom but then somehow or other got stuck with your progress and could do with expert assistance.

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I want to help you achieve your freedom. I am Suzanne Zacharia, experienced and highly-skilled EFT Master Practitioner, Trainer, and Author in Cape Town city centre, and I put all my skills and experience into giving you a specialist version of EFT that I have specifically made for you and our session. I have come to Cape Town for love and marriage, and I am campaigning to get EFT accepted by the government and medical insurance plans. It is a long but rewarding process, and we have various agencies helping us. In the UK, I was involved in getting Reiki approved by the government and raising awareness and standards thereof. I was also approved by the largest complementary healthcare association in the UK, Embody, to teach EFT to its members. Many existing Embody members, from Nutritionists to Hypnotherapists and Massage Therapists, have learnt EFT successfully with me to very high standards. Now in South Africa, clients travel to me from Mozambique, Namibia, and Cameroon to attend EFT sessions and modular EFT course workshops and classes. All my certificates are available for you to inspect when you see me. Most importantly, it is what my clients say that say the most about my work with EFT…

“Miraculous recovery” Sharon

“Still going strong” Jayne

“Outstanding job of carrying the message of emotional freedom” John

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I have many payment schemes to suit your pocket. I do EFT full-time as a full-time practitioner and have extensive skills and experience, so I naturally charge accordingly. If you are in genuine financial hardship and can prove it with proof of income and three months’ bank statements, I charge according to your income – nobody is refused sessions because of money. Most find excellent value in my popular six-session package, where I keep working to help you for as long as six on-average two-hour sessions.

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Call or WhatsApp me in complete confidence for an initial chat on 0727005334 (City Centre, Shortmarket Street, 8001) or contact me by email in complete confidence here.


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Warm regards,

Suzanne Zacharia

EFT Cape Town Practitioner, Trainer, and Author

Co-Founder, Energy Healers Association

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